Partnering with investors to provide great tenant community experiences

Fisher Bay believes that providing great residence experiences will lead to strong communities, happy tenants, and ultimately, great returns for our investors.


That every Fisher Bay tenant has a great experience by providing thoughtful community amenities.
We believe that providing great residence experiences will lead to strong communities. Tenant’s satisfaction and enjoyment increase demand to be part of such communities and will result in higher persistency, lower vacancies, and ultimately provide high yield returns for investors. We call this: the “Net Effect”.


Fisher Bay is in the acquiring mode and on the hunt for exciting properties that match our mission and vision for our investors in both short term and long term hold structures.

Multi-Family | Hopkinsville, KY

Griffin Gate is a five-building multi-family complex with 80 total units sitting on ~16 acres of land. The units were built from 2010-2017 and remain virtually brand new. The property is conveniently located 3 miles from Hopkinsville downtown and accessible from all local businesses. Griffin Gate is the only Class “A” property with community amenities in Hopkinsville.

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Condo Conversion | Chattanooga, TN

Flatiron was originally built in 1911 as an apartment complex and turned into offices in the mid-1980s. Fisher Bay plans to convert the upper 3 floors to upscale condominiums and renovate the lower office spaces. The building was purchased for $2.4M and has a construction budget of $5.2M.

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On the Hunt for More!

Fisher Bay is always in motion and looking for more great properties that match our profile. If you know of a great opportunity, please contact us!

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Transparency with Purpose

Trust and transparency are keys to any good relationship and a must for building stronger communities, including an investor community. We believe investors need to be provided critical information to make informed and solid decisions. Information will be provided transparently and in regular communication intervals.

Driven to Succeed

Our diverse team’s experience is gated and driven by key data insights. Each property investment goes through local market data research and is supplemented by key partner and supplier knowledge and potential market cycles and trends. This type of methodology lowers investment risks, increases investment returns, and gives a significant probability in building successful communities.

Experienced Access

With over 20 years’ experience in the commercial and multi-family real estate space, we have insight and access to properties in its Southeast United States target area. We have deep relationships with many seasoned brokers, lenders, local professionals, and other key industry contacts, and in many cases, see properties before they are market listed.


Right Region, City, and Community

Our acquisition strategy centers on identifying the right region, the right cities, and ultimately, the right community neighborhoods for investment.  Our focus is on markets with strong population growth, low unemployment, and future potential. We anticipate these data sets as forward predictive indicators of future growth, opportunities and housing needs over time; making them ideal markets for multifamily investments. We are primarily targeting appropriate cities and neighborhoods in the southern states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, and North and South Carolina.

Right Properties

We look for investments that provide an opportunity to improve and renovate the livability and appearance of a property. Commitment to improving the lives of residents by offering great environments to live, creates value for the tenants, and thus allows rent increases to be warranted and acceptable to its occupants. The right property that has potential good community for tenants will ultimately return benefits to our investors.

Right Methodology

We source our opportunities through well-known experienced real estate professionals and property owner contacts. Our criteria for selecting the right property is data-driven by both an analytic approach and a hands-on property review process. Prior to considering any property purchase, we go through an extensive underwriting process to vet the property and ensure it has the potential to provide investor targeted and expected return.


Discovery & Acquisition

Once potential opportunities are identified, our team filters properties based on key factors— including price, location and asset quality. This process ensures that only qualified investment properties are even considered that meet guidelines, goals and expectations, and that will pass the stringent underwriting process that follows.

Due Diligence & Underwriting

The initial underwriting process starts with comprehensive due diligence that leverages our extensive skillsets and our strategic partners. From onsite inspections to financial diligence to mitigating potential risks while maximizing rewards, we review each potential property and only allow the most qualified ones to move forward.

Value Add Improvements

By focusing on renovation work that best positions each investment property, we refresh and overhaul underperforming assets, increase interest and drive rents in the right direction. This immediately improves community, cash flow and long-term capital appreciation. Critical areas include Clean Energy and smart building science.

Asset & Property Management

While it’s essential to choose high-potential investment properties, at the end of the day any asset can only perform as well as it’s managed. At Fisher Bay, we invest in not just our properties but also in the systems, processes, tools and the teams needed to manage a portfolio of income-producing assets across multiple markets. We work with high qualified third-party property management companies to directly manage property operations. These property managers have technology that allows the communities to electronically gather information and data in real-time for managers, investors and tenants.

Return on Investment

We target Class “C+” to “A-” multifamily projects. These safe, comfortable and affordable apartment buildings house the American middle-class and their families. For many reasons, these multifamily opportunities have provided the most resilient and stable returns of any investment vehicle, better than stocks, bonds, and other real estate asset classes over time. In downturns, cashflows continue even though market values can fluctuate, demonstrating the business idiom “Cash is King”. At Fisher Bay, our focus data-driven detail of finding, acquiring and managing these types of properties for a typical 3 to 7-year hold period, will help our investment partners build wealth, prestige and peace of mind.


Right Region

The south is our home and the area we know. Population migration to the southeast continues strong for the last 10 years and is a great place to work and live. Because we believe in an on-site and hands-on approach to managing our investments, we are primarily focusing on the southeastern cities that are within ~4 hours of our offices.


Robert Fisher
Robert Fisher
Robert has been a licensed commercial realtor for 19 years in TN, GA & AL. He is a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) realtor. Presently, he is a top producing agent within the KW Commercial organization nationally. Prior to becoming an agent in 2001, he worked 7-years of corporate real estate for a fast-food restaurant chain. Robert is a multifamily specialist well versed with all commercial asset classes. He has or previously owned, apartments, offices and self-storage facilities. He graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and worked as an engineer for 15 years in his formable years.
Dan LeVan
Dan LeVan
Dan is an internationally respected executive whose ventures and experience has allowed him to build brands in new regions, consolidating risks, and monetizing illiquid assets with significant ROI. He is an Illinois CPA (inactive), who has led and operat¬ed businesses with a $2M to $1B top line and up to $450M EBITDA. Dan has 30-years of experience including construction, financial services, and insurance industries be¬ginning in Public Accounting. Most recently Dan was named Tennessee’s 2017 Small Business Person of the Year. Dan has earned a MBA in Inter¬national Finance from DePaul University, a BS in Accounting from Grace University and holds 12 other financial & building science designations.
Bo Ferger
Bo Ferger
Bo has over 30-years of C-level experience building and cultivating ground-level businesses with private and venture capital funds. He has several successful exits including Quickcue, which was purchased by industry leader OpenTable, resulting in a 2.25x return for investors in 14 months. His early professional career started with Warner Bros., where he helped build the largest special effects capability in Los Angeles. His wide diversity of experience and expertise as a business executive provides him the unique ability to quickly build value through branding and technology, maturing and growing business opportunities into desirable acquisition targets. Bo graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee.


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